Stained glass windows

St Michael (detail)


St Alban’s features several stained glass windows.

The prominent stained glass windows at the rear of the church are a triplet set of large Norman arched windows representing three saints. Saint Alban in the centre is flanked by St Michael on the left and St George to the right, both victoriously defeating their dragons. The panel of Saint Alban was donated in 1898 by a pioneer member of the church, in memory of the Very Rev Frederick Goldsmith, their first Dean.

The panels with St Michael and St George were a bonus due to a mistake made by St George’s Cathedral who discovered, after the windows had been purchased and shipped from London, that they were the wrong shape for the Cathedral. So they were left in storage, almost forgotten for 10 years until their timely discovery allowed for their 1898 installation in St Alban’s. They have a glorious setting which you will readily appreciate.

In addition to  these, you will see the Ascension window (of Christ and the disciples) a very beautiful design and colouring, and centre stage is a circular window with angels waiting to crown the martyr with the words Alleluia, Alleluia. In 1928 a small sanctuary window of the Madonna and child was installed and in 1985 a window of Saint Luke, both memorial windows.

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