The story of two bells


The first bell manufactured in the colony was cast for St Alban’s Church on 18 March 1889, by Tomlinson’s Brothers Foundry in Perth.

This bell weighed 56 pounds and was donated to the church. Apparently when the molten metal was ready to be poured into the mould, Tomlinson suggested ‘on lookers throw in their silver offering’. Coins to the value of 10 shillings were added to the mould and the bell was cast.

However on 30 April 1903 St Alban’s was offered another bell from the Cathedral on the condition that St Alban’s pass their original on to St Augustine’s parish in Bayswater. St Alban’s was the first church to be planted by the Cathedral and St Augustine’s was the first planted by St Alban’s. So this was done. The first bell now resides in the front of St Augustine’s, Bayswater.

The bell sent from St George’s Cathedral was cast by Thomas Mears in London in 1806. It rang at the London Docks until 1840 when complaints about its noise meant it was dismantled and given a new home overseas. It came to St George’s Cathedral in 1842 and rang there until the construction of a new bell tower for 8 bells saw it transferred to St Alban’s.

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