I was brought up in a loving but non-religious household.

It wasn’t until my late teens that I felt prompted to consider God for myself:

*Is He real?
*Does He have an interest in my life and what I do?
*Did Jesus really claim to be God?
*Is the bible still relevant?
*What does “Jesus died for my sin” mean?
*I’m a good person! Do I really deserve to die?

I was able to explore these questions through my university’s Christian Union when I committed to reading the bible with a Christian. Through my investigations I came to realise that God, as my creator, did have a right to be involved in my life!  That despite my sin, God loved me so much that Jesus was willing to sacrifice himself so that I might be freely forgiven.

I started coming to St Alban’s when I became a Christian and I was warmly welcomed into the church family. I have now been at St Alban’s for six years and I still appreciate the bible based teaching, prayer and friendships I have gained.

The St Alban’s family continue to help me grow in my knowledge and love of God so it is a joy to regularly assist as a musician for the congregation; I expect you will find me around for many years to come!

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