I was about 20 when God made Himself known to me.

From then on I thought that I was close to him, especially when my husband and I commenced work in West Africa in 1981. During those long years I coped adequately (but proudly) with the harsh climate, the inevitable rebel uprisings, coup d’etats, bouts of malaria and the hard absence of daughters at mission boarding school. I was content there but the “flaming arrows of the evil one” were not extinguished (Ephesians 6:16).

In 2004 I was pulled out of our sad marriage, painfully aware that my Heavenly Father who loved me wanted me alive, and not dead as I was wishing.

Returning to daughters and siblings in Australia, I lived temporarily in three different states, until God urged me to make Perth (WA) my permanent home. In this city I gradually visited about 9 churches before the Holy Spirit directed me to St Alban’s. Friendly people, acceptance, love, plus genuine worship and clear Bible teaching on the Lordship of Jesus were apparent from the first Sunday morning. I was that “lonely person set by God in families” (Psalm 68:6).

Now, because of St Alban’s diverse congregation and active ministries, I am glad to serve God on whom I depend entirely, and who unceasingly accepts my failures and repentance. To Him be all glory, honour and praise: “My times are in his hands.” (Psalm 31:15)


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