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We are very pleased that you have decided to commit your lives to each other in marriage and are thinking about having your wedding at St Alban’s Anglican Church. We at St Alban’s would like to do all that we can to make your wedding day a very special one.

There are many practical details concerning the wedding day and your preparations for it that your may have questions about. Therefore, we hope that this page will help answer some of the common questions that people ask. Please feel free to contact us regarding any further information you may require.


Choosing a date

Most weddings usually take place on a Friday evening or a Saturday, but it may be possible to arrange for your wedding to be held on another day of the week. This should be discussed with the Minister as necessary. Legal requirements stipulate that you must give at least one month and one day’s written notice of an impending marriage, however we prefer to have at least four months notice to allow for the scheduling of our pre-wedding interviews. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure the date.

Wedding Forms

The only legal form you will need to complete before your wedding is the Notice of Intended Marriage (provided by the minister). It must be returned at least five weeks before the wedding date but cannot be completed more than 18 months prior to the wedding date. When this form is brought to the Minister it needs to be accompanied by an original Birth Certificate for each party. If you have been married before you will also need to provide document/s showing that any previous marriage has legally ended. In the Anglican Church, marriage of divorced people also requires the approval of the bishop. (You can discuss this with the minister.)

Marriage Preparation

We will want to talk with you during the time leading up to your wedding as you prepare to spend a lifetime together. Usually we will arrange for 5-6 interviews during this period.
The first interview is generally arranged shortly after you contact us. About six months before the wedding, the bride and bridegroom should contact the Minister to make an appointment to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage form and to talk further about the details of the marriage.
During these interviews we will go through some marriage preparation material with you either as individual couples or in groups of two or three couples.
Wedding rehearsals are usually arranged for the week prior to the wedding day.

Church Attendance

The Lord Jesus Christ tells us that those who trust and follow him should meet together regularly to help each other grow in their faith. Since you are expressing such a faith by seeking a Christian marriage we would like you to join us semi-regularly at one of our Sunday Services (9.30am & 6.30pm) if you are not already a regular member of a local church somewhere else. After you are married there will be no more important thing for you to do than to join a local congregation of Christian people who want to know Jesus and encourage you in your life together and in your spiritual life .


The wedding fees at the moment are $725 which covers the Wedding Service and the verger fee. The cost of flowers, organist, musicians, etc is additional. A non-refundable deposit of $175 is required in order to secure the date, and the balance of the fees should be paid at the church office at least three weeks before the wedding date. * Please note that a slightly higher fee may be charged for Weddings on Sunday afternoons or Public holidays.


Professional and/ or video photographers may take pictures inside the church provided they conduct themselves in an orderly and unobtrusive manner. Flash photography is generally discouraged during the Consents and Vows.

Order of Service

Please do not arrange the printing of any Orders of Service or like material before you have consulted with the Minister and shown him a draft copy. This is to ensure that there is no infringement of Copyright.

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