Who was St Alban?

Saint Alban was the first British saint.

He lived in the third Century AD and was an ordinary Roman soldier. He was beheaded at the town of Verulaminum in the province of Britain. This town, now called ‘St Albans’, is located in southern England, not far from London.

So how did Alban’s martyrdom come about? During the period of Christian persecution by the Roman Empire, Alban become a Christian after giving shelter in his home to a priest. When the authorities sought to arrest the priest, Alban exchanged cloaks with him, thus fooling the arresting officials and enabling their original target to escape.

Alban was hauled before the magistrate and the death sentence intended for the priest was imposed on him instead. At his trial, Alban reportedly sealed his fate by publicly declaring his worship of the true and living God who created all things. It is always good for Christians to learn and to understand the stories of such heroes as Saint Alban, for who knows when it will be necessary to apply these lessons in our own lives.

(This information is taken from a longer article The Story of St Alban, which can be downloaded as a pdf file.)