Soup kitchen


St Alban’s has been running a soup kitchen since the 1980’s.

It has been a response to God’s exhortation that His people should care for the socially disadvantaged; an exhortation expressed in just about every book of the Bible.

Between 5.30 and 7pm each Saturday (except in January) soup is served together with bread and toast provided by Lawley’s in Mt Lawley. Four teams of soup makers and servers volunteer their services on a rostered basis, with participation required once every 4 weeks. Each week three soup makers prepare 3 large pots of soup at home and bring them to the church hall in time for the soup kitchen.

A team of 5 or 6 servers then provides table service to all who come along, with the offer of all-you-can-eat soup and bread, as well as coffee and Milo. The clientele is very mixed, ranging from back-packers and struggling students to chronically unemployed and homeless. For further information contact us.