Combined Church Camp


Seaside Camp, Esplanade, Rockingham

St Barnabas’


St Edmund’s


St Patrick’s

Mt Lawley

St Alban’s


The Camp

A weekend away of fun and learning for all ages.

We have a beautiful beach-side camp to stay at and will have plenty of time to enjoy the beach, go walking, drink coffees, take in fresh air and sunshine.

Arrive Friday for optional 6pm dinner, then 7:30pm start.

Saturday we have talks in the morning, time to relax in the afternoon, and time together in the evening.

Sunday we’ll have church, followed by lunch, then either stay on for activity or head home.

The Speakers

Our Speakers will be Steven Daly, Ben Underwood, Stephen Conway, Marc Dale.

The Topic : Jonah

Our speakers will speak to us from the short book of Jonah where we meet a reluctant prophet, a rebellious people, and a God of unrelenting and overwhelming grace.

Need more information?

Talk to your Minister or camp rep.

The Cost







Day Visitor

$20 per day

Food is organised at camp and costs vary depending on what you order.